Joel G

• Vagabond

I have had chronic back pain my whole life. Because of this I have tried endless types of treatment. So when my wife suggested that I see Dr. Cody Jones, I was skeptical and reluctant. We had heard rave reviews about Cody so I decided to give physical therapy one last try.

No simple collection of adjectives can describe how appreciative and enthusiastic I am with the treatment I have received from Cody Jones. He spends quality time with me on every visit. He carefully finds out what my situation is and adjusts his treatment accordingly.”

” No two visits are ever the same. I also like that he has empowered me by giving me simple, precise and effective exercises that I do at home on a consistent basis which has really strengthened my body and helped stabilize my back. Simply put, Cody Jones is the best and I am ever grateful for his help.