• Horse trainer

“Eric, I owe you all a great big THANK YOU for your knowledge, care and support in my quest for a Tevis completion. Tevis is the 100-mile endurance horse race from Lake Tahoe to Auburn, CA. As you all know, I was very concerned about the fracture in my shoulder and worried that I might not be able to get on and off the horse throughout the race.”

” Well, I didn’t need to worry because we did very well. Out of 187 starters, we finished in 33rd place! I am very proud of my horse and how well he took care of me through the 100+ degree canyons, the 500 foot cliffs ridden in the dark, the swinging bridges we rode across and all the other hazards we encountered. Our riding time was 20 hours and 15 minutes and both the horse and I are recovered already. So thank you for all the help you gave me and I sure am a big believer in PRP! Gratefully yours”